There’s This Mechanic And He Kinda Has My Heart T Shirt

IS LOOKING TO SEE IF IT IS ANY NOTABLE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS I HEAR THAT SWORD TAKING A There’s This Mechanic And He Kinda Has My Heart T Shirt LOOK AT RIGHT NOW ONCE AGAIN Y’ALL HOST US BAPTIST NEWS AND I HAVE ON THE PROGRAM GUESS BERNARD JOHNSON BJ IS OKAY MY HAIRY KING ASKED THE QUESTION GOING BACK TO HARRIS THIS YEAR HAVE ON HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS BEING BLACK IS THAT’S RIGHT I DIDN’T HAVE UP. Glide between cam I would rates for leonine or its hand in the heartand soul category you deftly have more that classic Davidson feel that hey there’s no question on my motorcycle whereas the Milwaukee eight took away a little bit of that elementand take it all away you still select Harley when you have a Milwaukee eight just took away some of that raw cackle feeling in high Davidson writing experience so you still have a lot of the classical look in linesand feeland simplicity in engineering that people want in a Harley high quality fitand finish the bags to fairing areas really high quality the paint is very very good so that it still ranks very high on in my chartingand my ratings in the finished category that’s again that the Milwaukee eight has kinda refined some of what I know people like in the classic feel of a Harley Davidson last category is the manufacturer this is kind just my overall score for the bike is not really like an average of the other scores is how I feel about this bikeand the total packageand a sum of all the parts combined the street that is just a great overall Harley Davidson it’s one of the top selling bikes right now take the number one seller at our dealershipand sent taking on 2006 that has been is one of Harley Davidson’s top sellers it sold so good that a lot of other manufacturers have basically just made their Street guide copy to to capitalize on how popular this type of cruiser is right nowand I put my money run off as I’ve bought two of these things at this point I just I love the streetlight it’s a great bike as far as your tall guys a touring chassis bike is great for taller guys could spread yellow the little bit moreand so yeah I’m giving this bikeand nine is like my final score for the streetlight love it I said it I just got off the that you bikes that 2016 streetlight special would be stage IV onceand in the brand new 2019 with the stock 14 cubic in Milwaukee a so it’s it’s always interesting although I written both of these two engines 1 million times it’s always interesting going from one to the other jests how modernand I know this word gets over use the lobby how refined the new Milwaukee eight is everything from just the class the power delivery is the way that the mannerisms of the engine are in everything between cam really is more that like old school mechanical machinery feel to itand in the Milwaukee eight is an the whole debateand of itself as to which one is better to get some of Andrew’s thoughts on this Bible bike back to backand Iand you can head onand I pulled out you big man thing about the let him said that the characteristics each motorand many have more of the refined obviously that the clutch is a lot smootherand more crass your shipping is a lot more crisp you have less chemical noise on the Milwaukee eight the power delivery on each of I feel like the 114 a little better because it’s more top end powerand that’s what I like having powers on a touring bike going long distance I like having more that I think that’s where the mainly live is six yearand having device to my post I mean that stage IV 107 201 14 Billand writing about 110 three 114 my like that the way the 114 Bill players I like the way my being here is where I feel power you know from 4000 RPM all the way up to 6500 pages is really hardand that’s what feeling That machinery feeling to know it has a more sporadic sound like that guy that I have the one 17 inches just easement 17 my streetlightand I would be like my perfectly best of both worlds I got this reply yeah a lot yeah so bike with about between the two I feel like you get more of low end poor from from the 110 guys out so to speak as opposed to the 114 it’s still not not as it is a come on as low as the RPM has the once does but a what it does come in you feel it more towards the RPMand holds that sensationand he keeps going you feel that power really on it but yeah just just knowing the characteristics doing both motors you feel more that poll high RPM Milwaukee eight yeah he chose yeah I would plateau into these new shift gearsand you feel that you will a kind of falls off a little bit as opposed to the blockade at doesn’t really decliningand it doesn’t hire RPM rangeand then you shift gearsand build up againand it just feel that linear poll on the dining obviously between cam but a touring bike go stage IV 107 built like a bill 114 I don’t want 14and probably do stage II on it if you want to go crazy to stage LIII or four stage IV new one 17th the red ring a bell 117 walkie 85 I love to see how this three 114 handles with a tour cabinet apples from the factory I mean it’s it’s pretty good but I’m so used to my bill 114 that is a lot harderand more got a response I love how they integrated information how all this lets the layout your altitude that anyand air temperature that is more informative shows your timerand then date from the last service distance inside the last service which is really calling you in the way it boots up so much quickerand the system is more fluent in it’s just a lot better system obviously without a doubt this anything like butter on the freeway you really really good at high speeds cellular like that today today as is that we may see a special review if you enjoy comes up on the video you have 36 user of the oil directly with me in the sales team fairly loss hard to drop byand W in I for user as you know about Lance promotion doing. Something’s pancake mix she was distrusted a back and you know anybody who would look at a African American woman could they knew that they can trust for orders years mentioning green performance and created all the same for what she did well for storyteller as a clerk at the letters degree in 1923 women became symbols and make regular codes to continue the legacy that in England to Dallas to be there hearings always heard the storie She helped pretreat Jemima for decades on everybody really excited pretty small Texas community on the net capital of Texas that I be glad needs degree

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There’s This Mechanic And He Kinda Has My Heart T Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

There's This Mechanic And He Kinda Has My Heart T Shirt
There’s This Mechanic And He Kinda Has My Heart T Shirt

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