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Just saying you know what not on the MIT right now that’s a Crazy Tiger Lady 2020 #quarantined T Shirt different thought that you have to be you have to be not chained slowly to this American plantation to be able to do at a certain level of freethinking absolutely I mean you know I think the minute we both also interest of the importance of being truthful to both our dualities of the cultureand being Eritrean American muscle being gone in American but also to you know my skin color on you know growing up that was like it was obeying the Nami like him even a school on it was a thing on be profiled in profile so many times a cop tsunami like you could also understand you know being black grown up United States on the things people go through but ultimately like it will college you know I have a body area body like within my circle in my mom like you know being being being a person of color you you can’t afford to not go to school like you can’t do it like you know anybody else you can’t knows kid in Silicon Valley they can do that they can make it which you that’s not going to happenand also go what you are missing the point you know this this is it really for me it’s really about the culture I’m off like the biggest gift that God the universe has given me as is no trust in himselfand also understand my purpose is my purpose area is a certain level of hip hopand we can all relate to this in this room that is about a start right hip hop itself the genre of the whole culture is about a starter is a good Houston self starters kids were like not worry we don’t have the clubs we don’t have the goods the instruments will have the places to go make our arch was going to make it wherever we gotta make it amongst our friendsand build something along that’s the inertia of the original energy book behind hip hopand so it’s easy to say that that’s where things are compelled you to be you know the person you are todayand do things it inand kind of blaze your own trail was that same energy you feel like you at the end of the days like all these tech startups you know on we know what happens you know slight eyelids build the product we need a user base is go to these influences that usually come from within hip hop cultureand have them you know expedite or exponentially grow followers for us rather send them to get in the percentages company to work with this person directly so slight are writtenand I’ll set it but I read a quote that said people know you know your power they just hope that you don’tand you know to me the most powerful thing the most potent tool on I don’t refer to it as a weapon but tool will be when inner city kids is another one minorities on that if you know created their own culture on when they start being driven to things like programming technologyand not just as consumers but as owners as consumersand as is what’s not monkeys were killed but that’s what injuring or are you on consumerism our consumption rate is high our production rate is superlow so it’s like you know on you you just gathering all the fruitsand you know you don’t get to you don’t get the taste themand also that generational wealth comes from things like this you know on themand it would be like just 10 of our company is doing this year that you know but it’s like within our culture there is also this like I tweeted above that self hate is a business strategy on self hate is a business strategy to get you on the chain of mass production mass production started happening you know you have an industrial boom but mostly in 1980 so it was like even though we know this is the capability of this device incrementally was smaller of the smaller devices to make people think it’s easier to buy than to make their own know but a slight you think about you know the same amount of money it takes you to divide you know that that go chain you could not only build a startup but you can also hire a team to build this out to its completion on S2 have you no money where you are you house user baseand it is because you’re making music that will love to buy tickets to your show yard have a user base by so many artist on have done a lot that they don’t even know about I was at another also sociableand outline what Japanese eagles are saying that I was soldier boy did indirectly on leadand think about this but soldier boy basically used a new operating system backand you know the early 2000 2000 607 he was operating the Internet right which is open source anybody can useand program on use the Internetand also to Forms like LimeWire on to push forward his music which became his app in the people I downloaded were the users intact there’s there’s always a pattern that the user base is the middleware which is the appand as a provider we always create or we only just at the user base if were lucky we get to the middleware whenever the platform ownersand the problem with that is is is not about like you know intact I hear people say tech biasand tech is never bias technologies that to help you do something better take another bite but as the people behind the technology that can write the algorithms I write the code to be biasedand youall to well it’s like you know even original cameras or were developed for people of light complexion so it’s like you couldn’t literally like you are like termite white balance on like literally it was it was cateredand asked Cole but the reality is we we now live in a world where you know people are you know even more in a ratio inand mixing in so we really need to just start think about technology as a as as as a whole was initially bring that up records facial recognition software is a big problem right now because they want to use in a lot of ways but it doesn’t recognize blackface as well is talking about with the way the lensesand things of been developed over generations that might this this will might be actually vintage black rhino offers regularly we all look when the problem is police are using so that you have or like this building over brother but everybody using what it would recognize the golfing is very bright with a star well justified profile the black people problem is that we don’t have you read all just youand you are just not me to know were going to college he says you so you have also issued some cars to be continuing to detecting the cartridges going to all this project is to technologies like the old technology no one there that’s advocatingand pushing right you know for that so it’s like whether it’s done inherently or not or you know just done out of voluntary ignorance of is the development that right you talk about cameras originally created for the elites white people at the time control over generations of this technology be a refiner final refined unless there is a financial incentive for them to go whenand make sure the dishes done right it a go get doneand on top of that like I think the most important thing in you know I guess we could go to a question like so why is important why do kids need to learn programming why should because it is about to be another bone nest AAI machine learning boneand the thing with that is computers will be able to teach computers it we will need to program computers anymore they’ll be able to use her neural networksand and there you know just there there there are best inand andand the reason why is hero the reason why Andrew Yang was up to talk food you desire to talk about you are so worried about was going on with trade in China you not even looking at the fact that you’re worried about jobs going overseas bases executives wanted to happen I think I think it is like what six out of 10 jobs is going to computer she but is also creating more employment opportunities we did not put in position to learn but he has the skills to now go to the computers so Google using the mind the uncle Alpha go if you are allotted but on basically does it there’s a game on this ancient game called goand have like the most combinationsand puzzles you can put in you know any of this like chess but like honey you know biggerand on they created a single Alpha go so the misty Fed is neural network which Vista computer that you learn on his own on the federal hundreds of foot real footage right real footage of front like 30 days if any footage of you know on people competing in Iraq a learnedand they put the grand chess master I’m you a gold master that a human being right they put it versus the computerand the computer be rightand learned nothing about 30 daysand that’s crazy that in itself was crazy but will happen after the more crazy the machine that Alpha go they created Alpha go 2. In these last couple of episodes men Lauren especially coming off what I thought was a very very weak episode five I mean I just thought that up so was terrible was a throwaway episode didn’t need it all to do anything for the story didn’t do anything for the show but Mandy recovered well they were covered really well right RTAS six writes John knowing cares about your stores review all we want to know is what you thought of cats just kidding came of the good work yeah I received 100 million view party all the Star Wars stuff I think HSC Katz I know you will see what I meant to go see it I mean hearing that it’s this bad I don’t know that I’m you see at all just his batter viewsand doesn’t normally deter me from still going on see it but I mean I really like Tom Hooper the tom tom over the directorand if it’s that bad I don’t know if I want to go subject myself to that I’m not seeing 100 I’m not but I may not he sees it all but maybe after like tonightand legacy Star Wars again yes I’m going to go see for a third time a movie I don’t even like but it Star Wars so there you go I still had to bring myself see Katz who are doing the right to impact rights with the not so good reception Star Wars the rise of Skywalker is it time to start plucking stories from legendsand no no no no no no absolutely not that the problem is been execution as this one but the force awakens is awesome force weakens is awesome wrote one is great solo is quite goodand I like the last Jedi I have problems with the last Jedi diagnostic problems last Jedi I went first in the theater I talked about some of the issues I had with flashand I but I still like it overall so to me Star Wars is fine this movie is not so good but it’s it’s it’s about the executionand all I can to stop it so really doesn’t matter now they should not plucked more stories logic is listen I know people don’t like it when I say this but it’s the truth 80 percent of the ledges material socks yeah you got the last commandand there’s a couple of rogue squadron ones that are pretty good there’s the odd one that’s not bad but for the most part man a lot of that leisure stuff was absolutely insufferable crap just horrible horrible stuff there some diamonds in their are actually some diamonds in their butt know the answers not to go back into that the issues come up some good storiesand just move forwardand then execute well that’s the key execute well that’s what it’s all about Stock rights Roger view of the series finale of watchmen well you can hear him talk about that on the new episode of the weekly hero podcast it is now up an online go subscribe to it on iTunes year or spot a fire Google podcast whatever use go subscribe to it rated review it TO go do that stuff right nowand on this newest episode that we just put up last night by Robin I do talk about the the season finale of watchmen in great depth as a matter fact signal check that out there thank you for asking I that she hear Darth impact rights thank you John for all you do the best movie pundit with the most positive movie fandom on YouTube we love what youand your crew do happy holidays everyone so much stuff that we appreciate that listen to Rogerand I talk about this all the time we love moviesand even when we don’t like a movie maybe in a movie were still fancy moviesand selling off people who make movies even when they turn to be movies that we don’t like so I can hate a movie or dislike or whatever but I I still like being positive I just I love talk about things I love you know there when things come along that I don’t whether it’s prequel’s or whether it’s light between oceans whether it’s wrinkle in time or whether it’s the new Mary Poppins or whether it’s assassin’s Creed or whether it’s this Star Wars movie I am still really positive about moviesand I still like talking positivelyand then again if you understand the subject to be movies just because you know like a movie does mean other people won’tand there aren’t still good things in thereand I like the Star Wars movie you see me I know that a lot of people online very upset at me that I didn’t like his new stars me all well I had people online very upset with me that I did love stories that I did like the last hours movie all well I don’t care I just I don’t understand the harsh toxic negativity that people want to bring but he felt that the mesoderm you would like movies you don’t like but I still just a big fan of movies man I’m just a big fan of movies so thank you for being part of that community Darth impactand now he is looking forward all the movies come in 2020 right Stock which documents let your guys catch stock rights I would love to see Quentin Tarantino make a 1940s detective story that would be interesting actually he’s got the perfect writing for a fast talking detective he can make a conversation in a room questioning someone so exciting he’s got a great sense of epic shootouts thoughts in this all absolutely easy to do that but the idea like about tomorrowand said Quentin Tina is good to be doing like a gumshoe movies can be done like that like a private eye old style 1940s 50s private I’m I’m to be totally down for that to the best guys in the business are very very different but to the best guys in the business of writing just dialogueand they’re very different from each other but is Quentin Tarantinoand Kevin Smith that the both these guys have very unique but very engagingand awesomely entertaining pure dialogue like I can sit downand watch full scenes in movies of these guys do just two characters talking four that’s it just talking backand forth like 20 that I can totally get it because they’re both so good writing dialogue so the idea quite slim travel rights what’s worse brothers Grimsby’s letter to her Holmesand Watson in my opinion Gracie I still have nightmares of that scene with conference hung inside now that I was you letter to but the reason I was you later to is that Israel there’s a little biased to that is because on top of it just being a truly horrible movie I love the originals you later so the fact that is you letter to is not only in of itself a really terrible movie the fact that it comes off of one of my favorite movies just makes it extra heartbreaking so for me honey I hate all three of them I’m with you on all three but for me I got a goes you letter to unfortunately Andrew Ortiz writes hey John I tend your hundred million view partyand was inspired by your stories sadly my bag was still 007 my bag was stolen on the bus on my way homeand my free teacher we gave out free T shirts every came to my free teacher with it I was sad any chance you can mail me a new one I was the engineer family all I I think they’re all spoken for her all double check all double check but I think they’re all spoken for now I really made a certain limited amount as they cost money for me to make him a wheeland made a certain limited amount that suck I’ll look into it but I can make no promises but that really good listen thank you for coming to the event thoughand I’m glad you are thereand I’m glad you had a good timeand really really sorry about the about the T shirt thing that really wasand whatever else you had in your bag me that sucks man you probably had more valuable things your bag is my stupid T shirt but I’ll see what I can do but I know promises I think they might all be spoken for sorry hear about that dude I don’t see his rights hi John crew are Christian you still your divorce Chris is now gone I went Johnand I guess you just wanting if you’ve got around watching Galactic football yet is an anime I recommend to you I recommended you on twitter I unfortunately she not here for that but by all means listen I know Chris looks at her twitter I know she is was you who checks her twitter all the time so just go ahead Bernie as center message on twitter follow up with herand maybe severely get back to you on that Austin is also the right HR drug just wondering if a literary agency for people with University Osa you misspell University university college degrees because it is how it’s done then I don’t really have a chance of becoming an actor well room getting a literary agent has nothing to do with being an actor getting a literary agent has nothing to later ages of your writer you’re looking to get a talent agent right so that’s that’s different from a literary agent so literary agent is some you need to get if you want to write novels or write screenplays or whatever you want that type of an agent to be an actor that’s different sort of thing the answer as far as acting goes I know I don’t think you need a Mina doesn’t hurt like Aaron has got this extensive theater college university training background on a resume that all helps but you don’t have to have that in order to get an agent but you do have to be great getting an agent in Hollywood is ridiculously difficult I mean I’ve had actress friends who were in this town for like six years tryand the trainingand workingand working in trainingand training in workingand after six years still couldn’t get an actual agent is not even a remotely decent oneand they eventually peel gave upand then left LA so getting an easy really tough a literary agent I can tell you right nowand I’m just getting a hard time it is clear my film other brother gave our time don’t write to a literary agentand misspell University has that might be a strike against them upfront if you do see Belichick on that particular agentand enacting agent are two totally different things of I need to know is when you talk about serenity Lotus right baby needs baby group what if episode there you go I mean they both belong to Disney make that what if episode five Matthew Miller grotto just as a subject is what you Matthew okay right is it fair to call Risa Skywalker way more divisive last night you can’t see dancing until the audience sees it dancing to the audience sees it so I don’t know you will be on as we haven’t seen yet I suspect when the verified audience rating comes out on rotten tomatoes I suspect you to see more people like that than disliked so I’m not sure but again it’s it’s in part you can’t it’s not fair to call it more divisive when the audience has watched it yet Megan opens today so let’s let’s waitand see on the Jacob Silvers writes I tended to just drop yet we talked about the log I thought was for first trailer I thought was great Danny D Wright page on had a great time at the hundred million view party with my wife met the whole crew thank you for the experience quick one for fun what will baby you notice first words be will ha well I mean to be clear Thank you for coming to the party Danny appreciate that well to be clear I’ll think there were going to hear baby Otis first wordsand thisand this seat season so I don’t think will you one episode left unfortunatelyand I don’t think were to hear them talk but if we go to season to because I am made this can be a heartwarming moment where he says dad at their ego I say this can be a heartwarming moment where he looksand says dad at that’s what I think that’s him universe where they don’t ever show but I was together I think the database of being at the party meant rights are cast six writes the no intention struggle it’s amazing does look really really good visit Vasquez’s hospital is the right to have you watched weeds love that show thanks Roy I know it’s been a long timeand I did watch all of it but I liked what I saw it was good to remember that the lead girland it who then went on to be in red Vienna forgetting actions neighbor she was in red with John Malkovichand Bruce Willis I love that movieand why my forgetting dreads name got them freezing on the actors name what I love this guy when everything is in any way whatever siesta she was in that as well see a shy I wasn’t a diehard fan of it I didn’t watch all of the liking what I saw that it any rate that seek change agenda rights made a prediction may not will be in the last episode I thought they may briefly she was dead I think it pretty clear she was dead by me I don’t know maybe I’m aiming I was at the again at that for some reason always seated by me know when I met these premieres but you may not always there at the right Skywalker premier some may interesting guests are Blake writes chapter 7 was not only my favorite episode is one of my favorite Star Wars things in general in yearsand set up a thought finale directed by one of my favorite directors currently working so yeah they are nailing this for me finally I was directing the last one is a type with a who who is the director or for the man lore in Is so Kate is a tigerand I really sure had to decide on the wood is you talking about sorry Bobby I love the episode was fantasticand the episode summary messages thrust her hand in my chestand pulled on my heart oh my God I see anonymous write page on a crew love the show baby so much I just saw the first Trevor tenet looks good it looks great great first trailer movies still forever awaits over a half a year away still but the I looked really good hijack trees writes I saw cats I let out a thank gosh as it ended really yeah the reviews Jack did not sound so good doesn’t sound like you loved it often cheaper Domingo here is writes a John Hughes longtime fan of Percy Burchett you so much Domingo that we see Gina Prado acting a bit more do you feel her acting’s come a long way think we will see her in more after this I’ll say this to say I think her acting’s come a long way but it’s definitely improved like when we saw her in I think the name of her first episode was sanctuary when we saw her in sanctuary that episode man Loriand I said this is the best I’ve ever seen herand I think she was even better in this episode episode seven the reckoning I thought she was even better in this I say she’s come a long way but she is deaf this is what you want to senior performers constant improvementand I think we just got the best unicorn we’ve ever seenand yeah I think will see her more I she is not ready to leave anything she’s not ready to be the lead actress of anything but AC continues doing stuff like thisand keeps getting better she could get there she should get I quite liked herand this is matter fact I let’s see here that was Jack Domingo here is also rightand center really large which I thank you for supporting the channel that love themand we appreciate that around here are doing right page on huge longtime fan of her supercharged all that was your on site area that but hey Sandyand better than she’s ever been I do think we’ll see her more but she’s not quite ready to lead her own series quite yet but I do hope she gets more being cooped 76 right page on I know you are crazy about the right Skywalker but you going home for Christmas to watch with your family I know it’s just for you I am trying it’s been very hard because not only have things been crazy with the channeland with all store stuffand I are also househunting right now which is taking a lot of our timeand I’ve got this new project that I’m starting this week that’s gonna take up most of my upcoming year that I’m not making any announcements about her talking about very much right now don’t give me I’m not about to do would project with Disney is nothing nothing huge like that’s just a personal thing for me I’m not even 100 sure they get to go home this Christmas I’m still working on it I hope I get to go because I do want to take up keep on that tradition to take my family go see the new store so fingers crossed finger’s crossed our shamrocks is writes Star Wars were getting some pretty bad reviews what do cats hold dad’s old library ads that’s pretty much it keep in mind as of right now the majority of the reviews are positive 59 means most of the critics like it not a huge majority but more critics like it then don’tand I think again I I don’t know this for sure but I think when the verified user ratings run tomatoes I think that will also be more people like it then don’t I am not one of those people I dislike this movie I’ll go more into details as to why I dislike is moving I didn’t like it on another spore the review but I do think most people will I’m just not one of them unfortunately no Wolverine 30 writes my sonand I watch you during lunch he’s one today on the birthday your son manand that’s called some good parenting Wolverine 38 has called some good parenting thanks for making me a party Damon I appreciate that right CO2 just as you Burchett to be supportive thank you CO2 I appreciate that Sean Richardson writes great job with your show do you find any of your initial views changed on right Skywalker Pond second viewing perhaps discovering more than you miss that more that you missed okay so here’s my basic thought the way you describe it is that when I saw the right Skywalker for the second time I disliked it a little bit less specifically the things I didn’t like in the movie I still just I still dislike just as much as I disliked it before I found that the things I like in the movie I appreciated like a little bit more still dislike the same stuffand I still dislike that stuff just as much but I found the things I enjoyed the movie I was able to enjoy a little bit more overall I still don’t like this movie but I did dislike it a little bit less the second time around maybe I will again the third viewing but I don’t expect to be many jewel movements up or down it’s it’s back in a change I’ve seen the movie twice now I know I don’t like it but hopefully I’ll get a enjoyment out of it my third time watching it which will be genetic Mr Lee writes the best film I saw this decade is the portrait of a Lady on fire right I’m here love you about this one of the film haunts me every day in a good way why this movie getting no love for any award cinematography direction acting custom designed Rob’s early nominations well that’s the thing about movies mislead I can speak directly to a but I will say this I mean that’s your opinion that it did other people sideand apparently didn’t feel the same way you have a great movieand still not be one of the best or be considered one of the best but again it’s hard for me to speak more directly to it all he knows I the trailers were haunting especially the two female leads I thought the trailer looked haunting to me that a very very positive way but I can’t really speak more directly to is all I can say is that well apparently other people watching didn’t feel as good about it as you did so but until I see I can speak more directly to but good on you for bringing attention to the movie as Anna Brickman writes I hated rises Skywalker walked out 25 minutes into the second viewing well I have a hard time believing that dinner to how did you see the second time site I don’t know that I buy that I don’t know that I buy that but a whatever I like it either casino I told you 3231 writes hey John right Skywalker site with my Vin diesel voice family I can’t wait for it also this marks for me 20 years of being cancer free congrats that’s awesomeand I wish Aaron was here analogous she’s also a cancer survivor leukemia since I was a kid reason why Star Wars means so much return of the Jedi was the movie that gave me hope thank you John for everything you do offer you so much manand listen especially great when you have like us film series like Star Wars that you have like such a direct connection to like me it’s the first earliest memory I ever have a scene Star Warsand an outgoing with my mom every chance I get is a is a tradition I have a connection to it when you can have a connection to it like the way you do that’s awesomely specialand that’s great so thanks for sharingand I hope you have a much better time than I did I hope you have a fabulous time with the movieand really get to enjoy yourself I guess I know running super late here but we did have a show yesterday sonand try to get through all the questions here today autonomous rights really large super chat thank you for the supportand we appreciate that around here thank you very much is really generous right just want to thank you for a great showand for helping me through a hard. Feeling the only yeahand cookies are not poor sensitive as Yoda is so it’s in the dive in a battle they they get hurt their use for slave labor as they were in the castle minesand building the death Star Yoda is just a smalland nimble enough to stay out of those big fightsand to stay activeand have a good diet to live that fall 900and ask a few lingering biology to create a child in a way that I was made of the have discovered a way to continue to pray create wondering if he just continuing the same yet here’s another wrinkle to it with Genesis what if Seattle is that same one creature who has had us the sex transition on the third coil aroundand the Atul is actually 1800 years old I think they’re clearly mean body parts I have no idea but they don’t ducting is getting in guys disappear miraculously at one point in theand in the prequels she suddenly disappears so maybe you said that it’s like order 66and that she just got go up again not her whole story is a bit of a mystery as well yesand she probably transitioned for a is aiming one my little green bat eared creature there one is the only generics write about on on this the show is called rogueand wrote in they are screaming at me right now you have what is actually the has earned one solid rogue I have already got what you think eyes the the right answer can certainly do love you I like to traveland I would be like every good property is the same icon like frozen too isand a half times how I how the family Pixar moviesand any time travel recently to the daycare I love this idea you already know your meeting as a bad thing to imagine Buzzand Woody watching the events of Toy story wineand in the back to future style theory would be that it’s so the force always has that opposing force that I getting evil eye lightand dark so if you look at age of Yodaand now the baby owner right thing so if you look bad it’s like the same age as when Anakin was born right yeah yeah 41 so my daily would be that when Anakin was born somewhere else like the opposing force in equaland opposite by the land as Anakin was right I don’t know with the monies better than it can be assured that the virgin birth of this baby which is in a sense with the timeline rat is dumping typing in your you are doing is a great I is truly great about it there is thing is a lot of you will be with Ray rain is like a man Ray is is overpoweredand has never need others training there is one thing that is worth all the people notching us Noakes straight up says about I love that Kyla is becoming moreand more powerfuland that snow the arises that by their being this level of density on the dark side of the force that the force is going to calibrateand create a positive entity on the on the good side of the force that is as powerful as hand for the for the need for balance of that would explain my so quickly is able to scale up even past Luke theoretically know it’s is doing the same thing if there was a force as bad as Anakin in aand it would be Luke that that I balance is that because Luke was born after Anakin like was or a bank was good for loss that balance is it isn’t time correctly but if it is time with you when Anakin is a bad guy then you it’s naturally been born at same time of their ancient choice to be good property for not badand that means that you call really like nine recyclers to being a good old running but it does give a greater agency to the moment he does make the choice to kill palpitating the moment he did finally have his redemption like you’re totally right up until that point yet he was locked in this Destin fate by that moment to defy his masterand save a sign that gives it even more like emotionaland AA might be more like a sinewave than a cousin waiver they have kind of that they constantly are inverting cost about a straight my last note with timelines again you like that idiot at the Wrigley implies that Yoda goes bad is a plan explained why he murders that kind threeand last Jedi for no reason he Thor lightning bolts that I like to you I but I youand I think your theory doesn’t hold up only look into too much so quickly to move on to another regular I I do like Monicaand Lori thing I thought the original assessment of Loriand we can across the whole story for me to draft claim was way out of line with the fast claims that all of us don’t revision based on genderand gave his best night I’ll look same that you online the week of having my net worth as we know the technology budget run needs to be information was available came to Camino is archived rhymes after claimed once I began plans we with that I control I mean I Got the best way to me of course is to test which the last of the distance you can live 980 yard climbing toand I made a chlorine force to harness the power that mankind’s well beingand not understand why the impact of putting so much money down credits can obtain child why would you take it back sign any redneck but I’m getting why so many are gone Darren

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I get emotional responseand I do I know other people do as welland you don’t even just digging the characters you develop working with Michael Whitley really resulted in 13 with that storytelling because you badly work togetherand continue to work togetherand cover which I talk about cover is a Crazy Tiger Lady 2020 #quarantined T Shirt story that we reimagine how I saw comics as a medium for managing email is held to such disparate stories simultaneouslyand for lead at the end really interesting take on comic booksand the only I can see doing anything close to it so much history with your artist this is for this as well as accusing someone. Does it suggest via this little trough here in the upper left have their shadow the lower lip is hereand kinda comes out that way indicate line that shows it fears about parallel to the eyes one right here other one is over there so we we do mercifully we don’t draw K Kiera can’t put it low low on the the four had but that kind going right minute okay when I get to pronounce an example this is the center that little shadows of the clavicle right is never doctor don’t ever say get the shoulders from that point on we go down about 100 hundredand 35 and we draw the Siegel had here come here I there’s a secret to drying the on the low climb to make it up as a go on hopeand it that turns out they write things poster format W you screwed it up anyway yes okay thanks to far to fix that so basically I went as I’m drawing thisand thinking about where her backbone is right so it’s we had a draw something here we would have if we were to draw something here we would have I am very slow dictionary bottleand very very literal okay I might write that right now right lights out sometimes I am thinking of this right I see it I clavicle goes hereand you the chance right cage I so swimming sure it all lined upand really the shades really are the same thing right in the rib cage here right in the pelvis writing in the stomach because he deliver goes here test since Lotta work so think about all that as you draw this to turn out okay sorry that digression is that the best the bottom of that line here represents the bond breaking super super important angle where that goes to cheat but that over there bellybutton goes here I wanted to hear arm comes out here shoulder bicep you know what I screwed up to do some different now I’m gonna put a shield areaand their secrets sees no one taught me this I am now saving you guys hours on your deadlines going forward lighter wonder when she had a shieldand she had a cape there’s reason for the cake a phone from her body on the drive in the Cape to shield whatever you guys figured out right so through the magical wideout I perfect perfect we love this love it Kate you even better when you put that capably here K a year because of the form you have to thing the form underneath the same way my thinking of the organ than any in the hair now she’s a lot of volume in the hair so input is not as much of that in shadows possible right that’s off so that’s that size I get a I don’t really want weird IAI was in the eyesand last is to show you a how important it but it’s freaking out the drum earlier than I doand she doesn’t look like she’s alive until I can put this in an what I’m doing eyeball really is a not drawing this that’s how we mostly draw eyes is really freaky it’s like an apple right now Apple has like this is a shorthand for an apple that’s a reflection of the window in the school the kids given Apple to the teacherand so were to have that kind of same idea here but what simplify just do it as a circle Iand that it’s really far away this is a circleand is like liquid inside that liquids in a pick up reflection of that bouncing off the top part that she saw lotsand I just draw half the I like this I back there looks more likeand I appear looks overly where basis or see them basically approximating it so if you look at the sites really something like this right there at the shadows in India have little wind pick up here low more dramatic shadow there some is a call course shadows initially put them on things kinda give things texture if there if her armor is metallicand have a core shadow the same way you doing metal gold bars or whatever start here approximate that starand and as I do this all on thinking of what I got to go backand fix that ethics that is just like this laundry list of to do things that I haveand I so in a way I’m drawing with one part of my brain keeping mental notes of things I need to work on as I finish this upand realize these lines to 10 I getting closer it’s almost done 30 psi basic shapes now to go inand add a little more detail assimilated on the Superman drawing tighten up from these all important aspects of her faceand add a little reflection the same way did this here course shadows in the metal up hereand add detail pullout what is that were looking at its hair so there’ll be some strands that you’ll see the opening that not slower let the top of hisand shadow getting closer still doesn’t look quite right that over hereand stuck hereand also illness them basically asked’s account beef up lines is all about creating weight in the shoulder to the light sources up here the line is lighter up hereand then when he gets away from the light sourceand a make a little thicker like that kind of indicate more volume rightsand accentsand then when it comes out of the shadows gets lighter again I had pencil so sometimes on sketches like this up aheadand use a pencil usher sometimes on sketches like this are going with the penciland Attila renderings of pop out something down hereand to just pull so those lines out of the black areas that put down the generally like myself this is kind the process is a lot slower than this very time consumingand I have a so the plan in my head as I start to move through it shape here really doesn’t make much sense hereand need I hear from that up she looks curiously on expressive so no knowledge about that okay I so we go back over thisand some not quick backgrounds here this is how I do stormy clouds a lot of fun just to put some ink down take your thingand he can move in small small circle like this you canand make sure that the matchup Iand why is the most powerful thing you put down the page sat with eyes I drawn toand so leave a little bit around her face so that the matter what we do right or looking at her either had some shadow here is some texture thing is you have to also put this fully behind the figure to make it feel like it’s in the backgroundand not something that you just kind of put around her so I know that as I do this I had to come back in with wideout to to re create that the edge of the silhouette do right here some plantsand highlights the hair plant the silhouette here here this year almost done these early brush pens on it because of ever worked with these but the right cool able but like societies of the parts my brain to focus to get this done ASAP that my ability to talk I am honest on your now somewhere else unfortunately draw they forget I said undone 101 radio that one second very bad hair day I write that on this right on the student is a little storytelling right here right on the one second I got one last thing to do this right here in DC Glenn share okay yes I I so I you have your badges again seven I’m getting I am looking for the number thank you thank you looking for the number 31 I heard him first side close to us or write thank you I thank you guys for a rerouting attention video. 5 gallons on here that’s one of the biggest controversial things about this bike is easy to 5 gallon out for 3 1 2 gallon checkup at the top of the rocker boxcar is there I see that it detail in the top valve cover their that’s one of the reasons why Harley Davidson went to a store gas tank is UBS’s multitouch hopper less is more lucky in Seymour that he tell on the engine is one of the things is nice about this my gas tank this bike is not dealtand developed for long haul cross country riding guys a week they went for more of the look with the fuel tank a lot of complaints about the size of the gas think the bars are Jaguar style really simple almost straight across bar there put you in a clamshell style writing position with your fist on a Friday if you are funny as well is your two piece seat on here you have a passenger seat passenger pegsand you got that big 240 mm rear tire back there the largest factory production type they put on any of their bikes that tire also was on the fireplace wellness Molly or the site or exhaust you guys a dual color card to finish on the exhaust on I filled out the chrome in the front young black mufflers in the rear you can switch set up pretty easily if you want to make it all blacked out the is a twisted Sherry 2018 again the bikes very much identical you I can make a huge change from the 18 that to 19 Molly after just changing everything in the 2018 Molière but here’s an event in Heinz exhaust their collective grenades or some like that some pretty good leadersand some sound samples in just a minute were gonna ride air cleaner on here is a ventilator air cleaner in this factory stock looks vocal as you that exposed air elements around the edgesand the bike does come with the rain socked out you’re in the dust of the rain or whatever to protect the your filter their hands again gas or gas are wheels becoming a black finish on their get the signout license plate on their real minimalist styling the rear you to turn signals basically just to turn signals that act as both your brake lightsand your turn signals and’s theory mention this but you could get this bike initially in a 107and a 114 he save about 1300 they go to the 107 my personal experience assigned his vices nobly one of the 107 it was hard to sell that bike because for a little but more money not 13 1400 you get 114and although the performance differences in fugitive is that a 10 power difference I think it was like to know that had got the biggest motor on thereand it helps the B cell diet as welland you get one for genocide for bragging rights this is a USB hookup right there guys I found that I may need to use it the life of the even know about it that you need a charger phone or semi
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